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Ginrosa. Historical restaurant and wine shop

Come and experience the atmosphere in the place where time stands still

At Ginrosa breathe theunique atmosphere of a past that is part of each of us, that is the root of the history of Milan.

You sit where they sat great characters e artists to take a real and authentic break from the daily hustle and bustle.

The Ginrosa welcomed thousands of peopleIt provided the backdrop for moments of peace and pleasure. It has listened to stories of the most diverse personalities and accompanied thousands of lives.

With the Bitter Ginrosa the Aperitif you immerse yourself in an intense taste experience that will amaze you with its colours and tones.

Visit us and discover the magic of Ginrosa.

History, refinement, elegance, quality and distinction...

... five words that guide the glorious life of the Ginrosa

For over 200 years,
GINROSA is part of history
of Milan

The venue is an ideal destination for breakfasts, lunches and aperitifs.

Mediterranean flavour by high level and extreme attention to the use of quality ingredients and the tastes of an international clientele.

The Ginrosa boasts a refined wine shopcarefully selected wines and spirits from the most prestigious national and international wineries.

Ginrosa. Historic Italian Restaurant

Located in the heart of Milan, in the most exclusive area, the San Babila Gallerythe Ginrosa has a long and glorious history. In 2003 it received the coveted title of Historical Restaurant of Italy which recognises his rightful prestige as a protagonist in the history of Milan.

In 2004, the Municipality of Milan awarded the title of Historical workshop since 1931

In 2006, the Lombardy Region also gives its recognition to Ginrosa
consecrating it Historic Activity Shop.

La history stage after stage


In 1820, two Venetian-style palaces were erected in the central Piazza San Babila in honour of the lagoon city. In one of these was opened the Bottiglieria del Leone, the old and first bar in the Piazza, famous for its wines and aquavit.

Mid-19th century

The bar became famous for a special aperitif, which was produced and bottled in-house: Costumè Canetta. A sweetish drink made from distilled wormwood flowers, alcohol and white wine, with a rather sweet taste, served by simply chilling with ice.

1885 marks a historic change at the helm of the luxurious bar in Piazza San Babila.
Annunciata Bournè (1844-1903), an important benefactor for her city, led part of her industrious life in Milan, where, among her many activities, she devoted herself to running a restaurant for many years.

It was Annunciatà Bournè herself who, with the intuition of a contemporary marketing expert and an all-female sensibility, gave birth to Bitter Ginrosa: the pink aperitif, the only one able to compete with the red Campari.

Early 1900s

After being managed by Annunciatà Bournè, the premises were sold to a well-known merchant, Luigi Donini, who gave it a new, revolutionary image, transforming it into a modern bar, equipped with a coffee machine and a counter for quick service. He participated in the first Milan Exhibition in 1906 (EXPO) with the Donini kiosk. He then produced the 'Mistura Donini', the predecessor of the herbal Bitter Ginrosa, which was appreciated by customers with great success.

The restaurant is named after its aperitif: GINROSA

From the 1950s to today

In the 1950s, the bar was taken over by the Marangone family, who continued the production of GINROSA Bitter, which by then was destined to become world famous. Over time, GINROSA Bitter has been served to intellectuals, poets, politicians and celebrities from all walks of modern life.

21st century

In 2000, the management passed to the De Luca family, which runs the business in the premises located inside the Galleria San Babila, premises that have preserved the memory of tradition and the continuity of Aperitivo production.
The bar is one of Milan's few authentic, historic venues, an intimate corner ideal for a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The GINROSA Bitter formula is secret and exclusively registered worldwide.

2003 & 2004

In 2003 it was awarded the coveted accolade of Locale Storico d'Italia.

In 2004, the Municipality of Milan awarded the title of Bottega Storica since 1931.


The Lombardy Region hands over its recognition of Historic Activity Shop.

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